Application to measure glucose level


For diabetics and pre-diabetics, it is essential to have daily control of blood glucose levels in order to have better health and life.

With the help of apps, one can have a very strong ally for the control of glucose levels, bringing greater health control.


Today we will talk more about glucose levels and bring you an excellent app for glucose control. Check it out.

Diabetes in the USA

It is known, according to a government report, that almost one-third of the US population has diabetes or pre-diabetes, which equals 100 million people.

According to the 2015 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, the National Diabetes Statistics Report, which is usually published every two years, diabetes was described as a growing health problem, being the seventh leading cause of death in the country.


By the year 2022, about 1.5 million new cases of people with diabetes have been diagnosed, being 18 years of age or older, which is even more worrisome because it is a young population.

Understanding Glucose Levels

To begin with, glucose is a type of carbohydrate, which is used as a source of energy by the body, and is also one of the main nutrients in a cell.

The monosaccharide plays a major role in the formation of complex carbohydrates, such as starch.

When the glucose level is high, it means that there is a high level of sugar in the blood, which is known as hyperglycemia.


Similarly, a low level of glucose, or sugar, in the blood is called hypoglycemia.

To get a baseline, the normal healthy blood glucose level is 79 mg/dl to 100 mg/dl. When the level exceeds 126 mg/dl, it is called diabetes.

Glucose monitoring app

The FreeStyle Libre app can be a great ally in controlling blood glucose levels, helping to fight diabetes.

It works with the help of a sensor that must be placed on the user’s skin to measure the glucose levels, without having to take blood from the finger in each measurement, which makes everything more practical and safe.

Among the app’s functions are:

  • Reading of glucose levels through the sensor, sent every minute to the app on the cell phone;
  • Small and practical sensor to use;
  • Accurate reading;
  • Option to set the glucose measurement alarm, indicating if it is low or high;
  • Connect other family members to the application, for greater security;
  • Share the collected information with your family and doctor.

The FreeStyle Libre app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.