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There are always situations when we lose a cell phone, or it gets stolen and we want it back. Or we need someone to know where we are in a dangerous situation.

Technology helps a lot in this, bringing the possibility to track a cell phone through easy-to-use applications.
We brought some applications to help you track a cell phone.

Tracking Applications

Tracking applications are generally able to track cell phones and their functions, such as activities and calls.


Among the main functions of a tracking app are:

  • GPS location;
  • Call tracking;
  • Text tracking;
  • Camera access;
  • Social media access and monitoring;
  • Call recording;
  • PC tracking;
  • Tablet tracking.

The best tracking Apps

Let’s go now, to the list of the best apps capable of tracking a cell phone in real-time:

Find My Device

The first app can help the user locate their lost Android device, the is still able to lock it until they can recover it.

Among its features are:

  • View your smartphone, tablet, or watch on a map: by current location or last known location;
  • Trace a route to your device with Google Maps: tap the device’s location and the Maps icon;
  • Use indoor maps: helps you find your device in airports, malls, or other large buildings;
  • Play a sound at full volume: even if the device is on silent;
  • Wipe the device or make it lock: with a personalized message and a contact phone number on the lock screen.



The mSpy application allows you to monitor a phone, be it your own or someone else’s, by tracking and locating it via GPS.

To track a device, the user doesn’t need to have access to the device they wish to track, which would not make much sense.

The application’s features are simple to use and precise, and you can choose from several languages, including Portuguese. It is possible to monitor more than one device at the same time.

The app comes in a free package, with access to the basics and it’s perfectly possible to locate a cell phone through it, but it also comes in a Premium package that brings a few more useful features.


The mSpy app can be found on iOS.


The Glympse app is designed to perform fast tracking and is easy to handle for any age.
It displays a location history, and you can also share the location, including the phone ID.

The Glympse app can be found for iOS, Android, and even Windows systems.

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