The Best Applications for Tracking a Mobile Phone

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Losing a cell phone is never good, especially when it has been stolen or stolen. At that moment, you just want to find your phone.

Know that there are applications that can help you with this. And to make it easier, we have brought you some tracking applications. Check them out.

Applications trackers


Several applications on the market to track another device, bring the tracking function, and other features, such as control commands on the phone remotely.

These tracking applications usually use GPS technology for tracking, providing greater accuracy in location.

Among the most common functions of this type of application are

  • Call recording;
  • GPS locator;
  • Access to some commands of the cell phone;
  • Access to calls and text messages;
  • Tracking of other devices, such as computers and tablets;
  • Access and monitoring of social networks.

See the tracking applications that we have separated:

Find My Device


As a first application we bring you Find My Device, an application that allows the user to track another device.

It also shows the path to the tracked device from its starting point via Google Maps. Also with its integrated maps, it can track a device even in crowded places such as airports and hospitals.

Other features include showing the last location of the device, clearing its memory, and locking the device, which helps a lot in cases of theft.

When locating the device, it sounds a loud alarm, even if the device is in silent mode.


The Find My Device app can be downloaded on Android.


The Glympse app features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy and fast to track a device.

The app shows the entire location history of the device, so the user will be able to find it more easily.

The app also allows you to share the location with family and friends, which can be useful in emergency situations.


The Glympse app is available for the iOS system.


As a last app we bring you the well-known tracking app mSpy. It also uses GPS and allows the user to monitor various activities on the tracked device.

It features a real-time and very accurate tracking system, and provides several languages in the settings.

In its free version, you can have the basics, which is the tracking, other more detailed features, you can access by purchasing the Premium plan of the application.

The mSpy application is available for Android and iOS systems.

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