The best apps for measuring blood pressure on your cell phone

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Measuring blood pressure, especially in older age, can prevent vascular accidents, discover diseases before they get worse, and help for better well-being in everyday life.

But those who think that only the elderly have problems with blood pressure are mistaken. Younger people are capable of developing hypertension due to health problems and/or their sedentary lifestyle with an inappropriate diet.

Not to mention hypotension, which carries less risk of stroke, but can interfere a lot with day-to-day activities, and even indicate anemia.


Having control and everything written down to take to the doctor’s office can help speed up treatment, medicine adjustment, and discovery of diseases.


Therefore, today, we brought some apps that will help you to have better control of your blood pressure. Check them out:

1- Blood Pressure More Health

With our first app, Blood Pressure Plus Health, the user will be able to measure his or her blood pressure easily, keeping track of his or her heart rate.


The daily control of the pressure can contribute to better health maintenance with the doctor you trust, taking the blood pressure report to him.

The app provides reminders to help people remember to check their blood pressure in a stipulated period and also provides daily and weekly activities to help keep them healthy.

With the app, the user can compare his or her blood pressure as desired, hourly, daily, or weekly.

The app Healthier Blood Pressure is available for iOS.

2- AMPA (Automatic Blood Pressure Measurement)


The AMPA app was developed by Brazilian cardiologists aiming to help the population prevent blood pressure control because hypertension has been causing thousands of deaths a year.

To help the user in controlling blood pressure, the app brings the possibility to enter the pressure data at a moment’s notice and share it with the doctor who performs the treatment.

The app is very well regarded among cardiologists, helping in the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic control of hypertension.

The app helps in the following conditions:

  • Before the consultation (online or in person);
  • With the evaluation of the response to antihypertensive treatment;
  • To increase patient compliance to treatment;
  • To watch out for values above 130/85 mmHg, which, by AMPA, should be considered altered;

The AMPA app is available for Android and iOS.

3- Blood Pressure – SmartBP

Our third and last app is Blood Pressure – SmartBP, a blood pressure manager, where you can record, track, analyze and share all the information obtained and recorded by the device.

The app can be used on cell phones and Apple Watch and can be connected to Apple HealthKit.
Through the information presented in the app, the user-patient can control his health and still share all the data with his doctor.

The app keeps track of the progress of the changes in blood pressure, whether low or high.

Among the main features of the app are:

  • Record systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, and weight;
  • Quickly add notes (example: before dinner) and details (example: sitting, left arm) about your measurements using tags
  • Share your blood pressure information with your doctor, healthcare professional, or family members using email, text message, and Apple HealthKit;
  • Analyze the progress you are making through intuitive graphs and statistics (including average and variability for a period);
  • Set reminders for managing your blood pressure, such as “Measure blood pressure” or “Take medicine”;
  • Among others.

The application Blood Pressure – SmartBP is available for Android and iOS systems.

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