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In recent years, the rate of health problems in the population related to obesity and diabetes has increased a lot, worrying doctors.

Certainly, the increase has a major cause in today’s lifestyles, with sedentary lifestyles and inappropriate nutrition. Besides, of course, there are adjacent diseases that can lead to the problem.

In the past, problems with blood glucose were something that used to affect mainly the elderly, but nowadays it is spreading to the younger population, even leading to a large number of children developing related diseases.


With the help of technology, however, we can have some allies in glucose control and everyday health maintenance.

Today we will introduce three apps that will help you to control and monitor your glucose.

Glucose Monitoring Applications

Glucose monitoring apps come to the market to help patients record their blood glucose measurements, perform daily calculations for insulin application, create reports, and share everything with their doctor, which can help a lot in the treatment and at the time of consultation.

Let’s get to the applications:

1- OneTouch Reveal


The first application on the list is OneTouch Reveal. With it, the user can monitor his/her glucose in a very detailed and simple way.

The app sends notifications to indicate to the user if the glucose levels are high or low, which is very helpful for those who need to always keep an eye on their blood sugar levels.

It also provides reminders and measurements to help diabetics with their diet, and records progress, aiding in treatment.

The OneTouch Reveal app is available for Android and iOS.

2- mySugr – Take control of your diabetes!


The mySugr app is one of the best apps on the market in this segment. With it, it is possible to manage the user’s diabetes data.

The app has been considered the best diabetes app three times by Healthline and has been featured in major media such as Forbes and TechCrunch.

It can be incorporated into the routine for the control of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes, working as a virtual diary.

The mySugr app features:

  • Easy and personalized Paine;
  • Graphs of blood glucose levels;
  • HbA1c estimated at a glance;
  • Data backup to keep it safe.

Among its features, the app delivers the possibility to record:

  • Meals;
  • Diet;
  • Consumption of carbohydrates;
  • Medications in use;
  • Blood glucose levels;
  • Insulin levels.

The mySugr – COntrole de diabetes! app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

3- Blood Sugar Test

As our last app, we bring you the Blood Sugar Test, which allows you to monitor your glucose conveniently.

The app brings, among other things, the following:

  • Blood glucose tracker;
  • Ability to enter blood glucose levels: as a history of the user’s daily glucose levels;
  • Obtaining graphs of daily glucose levels.

With it, the user can enter blood sugar data, adding important information that can be shared with the doctor in the office later.

The app monitors type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes, diet, physical activity, sleep, glucose levels, and stress.

The Blood Sugar Test app can be downloaded on Android.

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