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Many people spend hours and hours watching TV, series, their favorite show, the soap opera at 7. But when you are stuck in a traffic jam and it is the last chapter of the soap opera, it is not pleasant at all.

But if you have a cell phone with Internet access, you can access the open TV programming through it.

Today we will show you some applications capable of streaming TV on your cell phone.

1- Globoplay


The Globoplay application, as the name implies, is from Rede Globo and allows the user to access the open TV programming that is being broadcast live.

It is possible to watch soap operas that are still on air and soap operas that have already left the schedule, even if a long time ago.

Through the app it is also possible to see the programming of cartoons and children’s programs, series and exclusive movies and also movies from international producers.

It is worth remembering that the Globoplay app is paid, and its monthly subscription, at the time this article is going to print, is R$ 22.90 per month.


It is available for Android and iOS.


The application of the country’s second largest broadcaster, TV SBT, offers users free access to the broadcaster’s content broadcasted on the open channel, both programs currently on air and programs that have already left the broadcast.

To use the app, just create a login and password and you can start watching your favorite programs anywhere.

The TV SBT app is available for Android and iOS

3- Claro TV+


Our third app is Claro TV+, considered a great option for users who have subscription TV.

Through the app, you can watch channels that are in your pay TV package, and also have complimentary access to programs that have already been aired in the past.

The app also offers users the possibility to rent series and movies.

The Claro TV+ application is available for Android and iOS systems.

4- Watch TV Online


With this app, the user can access varied programs, as the Watch TV Online app offers access to content from various TV stations, either recorded or live programs.

It offers access to open TV and some closed TV programs. In the app you can access famous shows, series, cartoons, and movies.

A differential of this application is that the user can record most of the content to watch later.

The application is available only for Android.

5- Brasil TV

Our last application on the list is Brasil TV, which brings the possibility to access the broadcast of several open channels from all over Brazil.

The application does not have any cost, ads are displayed so that the platform can be maintained free of charge to users.

The Brasil TV application is only available for the iOS system.

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